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  • Walking into a healthy lifestyle

    You must have heard from a lot of people about their goals of getting 10,000 steps in a day. That is because walking is a great exercise and has great benefits. It’s good for your physical and mental health, absolutely free of charge and you can do it just about anywhere. So, what’s there not to like about it?
  • Do New Year's Resolutions Work?

    New Year’s resolutions tend to flop and there’s a reason why. They are too hard to carry throughout the year. The hack? Make them simpler by breaking it down.


  • 5 Tips to Deal with Holiday Stress

    We’re sharing 5 powerful tips that can help make you through the holidays and make it a more joyful and peaceful time.
  • Unique Christmas Gift Guide 2020

    Show your loved ones that you care with a meaningful present with our curated unique gift guide for the leading women and men in your life this holiday season. 
  • Is Copper Deficiency a thing?

    Copper deficiency is caused by lack of natural sources of copper in our nutrition and lifestyle but is also dependent on genetics. When copper is not supplied or absorbed within the body in the necessary amounts, it causes deficiency.
  • 5 Foods to include in your Anti-Inflammatory Diet

    Our nutrition and diet is a very important aspect of our lives. Here are 5 Foods to include in your Anti-Inflammatory Diet.
  • Bead Bracelets

    Tamba offers several choices of copper bead bracelets which come in green jade, red jasper, cubic obsidian and ebony wood beads. Learn more about the healing properties and benefits of wearing bead bracelets along with copper.
  • 5 minutes of this breathing exercise reduces stress and has other benefits

    Yoga has a range of breathing techniques to help you to achieve overall well-being, calm your mind, reduce stress, boost metabolism, and immunity. 
  • Why you should drink turmeric milk every day

    Golden (Turmeric) Milke Latte is a simple yet powerful drink that is made up of milk, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, & vanilla extract and can be used as an alternate way to boost immunity.

  • How gut health impacts your mood and 5 ways to improve it

    Here are 5 top ways to improve your gut health, help to heal your food intolerances, and improve your mood.

  • What are the holistic & spiritual healing properties of copper?

    Copper has been anciently known to heal the impurities of the body because it is considered a ‘grounding metal for the human body and spirit.’ 

  • Does Copper Turn Green?

    Copper can discolor skin a little, more or less, depending on each different body chemistry. However, the green trace can be easily washed off with water and soap.